The objective of this institute is to collect all ancient home remedies, train mothers, parents and adults in applying risk free home remedies in diagnosis, treatment methodology, identification and growing kitchen herbs, and finally prognosis. This will be used with modern scientific help also so that it will be comfortable for both patients and care givers and the family members.


This Griha Vaidya institute (GVI) has been inaugurated in its Bheeja seed form on 11th October 2016. 

The GVI should give training to women to do course before marriage on

  1. Home remedies for family.
  2. Suka Prasavam.
  3. Organic Home gardening
  4. Healthy cooking
  5. Home healthy cleaning for -laundary, utensils and house

Mission of GVI will be to collect ancient remedies knowledge, organize in Uni5 Selftual format and dissipate to public. 

More to come here soon……