Family Health Care

Mother is the one who creates, nourishes and shows unconditional love through self-sacrifice. This quality is universally present in all beings irrespective of any gender. In mankind this quality is diminishing which is a predominant characteristic of womenhood. Empowering motherhood of creating, nourishing and showing unconditional love in everyone is becoming the need of hour, especially in women.

Patience, self-sacrifice, self-responsibility, forgiveness and love are the strength of Motherhood and not weakness. Suffering and sorrows is due to ignorance, the reflection of lack of motherhood right from home.

When motherhood gave up the self responsibility of nourishing with freshly prepared food, our bodies became polluted. When motherhood ignored creating organic basic herbs and vegetables and fruits in her garden, soil became polluted. when motherhood became ignorant of common-sense healthcare , diseases increased. When motherhood is losing forbearance, babies and infants with psychological problems are increasing. When motherhood lost love and sacrificing quality, morality and happiness of several generations are at stake.

With deep foundation in ancient knowledge and mother nature's wisdom and through self experience, we are helping everyone, especially women to Empower Motherhood in themselves.

We offer the knowledge as courses to bring the right awareness to lead a happy life.

  1. Home remedies for family.
  2. Suka Prasavam.
  3. Organic Home gardening
  4. Healthy cooking
  5. Home healthy cleaning for -laundary, utensils and house