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About Guruji

Sree Jayachandra Raj from Changanacherry, one of the noted astrologer from Kerala. He was a former research scientist at centre for development studies at Kerala. He possesses 6 post graduate degrees in the field of economics - Science of economics planning, Monitory economics, Rural Banking, Econometrics, Research methodology and analysis and Fiscal Policy and has over 2215 publications (includes research publications, articles in news papers and magazines) to this date.

Under the able guidance of Sree Kunjupilla Swamiyar, he has developed a 16 dimensional view of astrological chart as opposed to the conventional single dimensional view.

Under this innovative system, he is able to interpret astrological inferences from the planets to various forms of lights and sounds at varying frequencies and translate that to resolve day today problems in every day life.

This system provides way to determine anything that is of past present or future with absolute accuracy. This accuracy lead him to re-discovery the Panchatheertha & Panchali medu temples which are historical temples site in Kerala, South India. He was able to leverage the astrological signs to identify temple location in deep forest like a GPS.

This temple is estimated to be pre-historic, the previous historical revival of which happened during the life of lord Krishna during the Mahabharata , estimated to be in 6th century BC.

Free Consultation in India.

One of the few astrologers who handle now the real application of Astrology is Shri.Jayachandraraj, popularly known as "Guruji". He uses the "Prashna"-maarga methodology in astrology

Astrology is a science about Life-Energy, with the sole objective of making our life happy by guiding us to do right actions at right time. Like medical science or economics, Astrology als has a diagnosis part to best use of this science.

We seek happiness in all eight aspects of life such as health, wealth, profession, relationships etc. Sree Jayachandra Raj (Guruji), a well known Kerala astrologer does astrological reading (Prashna) for diagnosing our Energy levels

This system using 10 levels is the specialty of Kerala astrology, in contrast to the nine planets system of other Vedic astrological traditions. Based on this consultation, all the suggested general and specific remedies help to increase and balance the Kundalini Energy for leading a happy life.

Guruji's service to mankind is free of charge. he says all Vedic Sciences are for the benefit of mankind and not for commercialisation. Hundreds of people every day visit him at home and on Fridays at the Panchatheertha temple for Astrological consultation. It is given free of cost for the sole benefit of humanity