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Welcome to Panchali medu Temple

Panchali (Paanchaali) represents the Cosmic Energy Sakthi of the five elements, Pancha Bhootas. This medu or hill resonates with the Pancha Bhootas Energy and hence had been a place of getting it and use for fulfilling desires in life.

The Pandavas of the Maharbharata came with Draupadi , who also had the name Panchali and spent their time in the last year of exile unnoticed by anyone. They had worshipped the Cosmic Energy ruler or Bhuvaneswari. Now only the remnants of the temple remain here along with Shivalingas, thrishul, naga idols etc.

A cave known as bearing the footprints of Bhima, a small pond as 'Panjali Kulam', stand to testify the history behind the place.

Ayyappa pilgrim who witness the divine Light get a good glimpse from this hill. Therefore this hill is of spiritual significance.

This organization under the guidance of Guruji Shri Jayachandra Raj is trying to revive the ancient Scientific technology of harnessing the Cosmic energy for betterment of human life. It is wise to use this holy place more than a resort or picnic spot destroying the cultural heritage of the land.

Weekly Energy rituals are regularly held and plan to perform everyday rituals to harness the Cosmic energy to modern man who is spending the Life-energy through the five senses for sensorial pleasure, much more than one has. This is leading to health problems, psychological issues, professional problems and lack of Self awareness.

The temple at Panchalimedu is nature's specific design to harness the Cosmic Energy which people can harness it through the Energy rituals. Contact us for performing the energy rituals and also to help us develop this for the benefit of mankind.

Legend has it that the Pandavas and Panchali took a break in the area while on exile and hence the name Panchalimedu. Here a cave is known as bearing the footprints of Bhima. There is small temple dedicated to Bhuvaneshwari. The remnants of Shivalingas, thrishul, naga idols are also there. Panchalimedu has an enchanting set of hills, which refreshes the body and mind. The cliff in the western side points to the Mundakkayam. When the sky is clear, it is stated that even sea can be viewed from here. The Makarajyothi can be witnessed from Panchalimedu during Makarasankranthi days.